Shown above: The studio, a fairy tale building devoted to painting.

Laura den Hertog - Biography

Laura den Hertog

Laura den Hertog (1959-)

Imagine you could see the subtle energy at the core of our reality. How would life feel if everything was laced in light and energy?

Most artists are keen observers, but in the case of Laura den Hertog the world is seen from a unique perspective. The artist uses her innate ability to see this flow of energy as the basis for her artwork. In her own words “For me the world is awash in energy. A constantly moving, undulating, spiralling, sparkling light show.”

Her current series entitled “Energy Play”, is a perfect illustration of her unique vision as it explores the play of energy within all things.

The artist was born in Montreal, Canada to Dutch parents who held all forms of creativity in high esteem. Trained as an illustrator and designer, den Hertog broke away from commercial arts to begin focusing on fine art painting.
Since that time her work has been exhibited across the USA, Canada and the UK.

Her home in the Ottawa valley is a century old farmhouse shared with her sister and a tribe of cats and dogs. When not making art, days are spent outdoors exploring the land and gardening or concocting a feast for frequent get togethers with family, friends and artists.

From Art Critic Brian Sherwin:

“Artist Laura den Hertog’s work is marked by a wonderful sense of edgy, thought- provoking power. She forces the viewer to search beyond outward appearances — pushing us towards a deeper meaning.
These impressive paintings reveal the strength of the human spirit. We can all learn something from these studies of individualism.”

Visit Laura den Hertog’s Art Website Here: lauradenhertog.com