Part 2: Energy Speaks, and it has one thing to say.

Harmony, 8x10x1, $300

Harmony, oil on canvas, 8 x 10.

After my epiphany that not everyone sees energy, I began searching for evidence that I was not alone in this ability.

As an 18 year old, I had a deep yearning to be special, like most teenagers do. As far away from “average” as possible. This skill, however, was NOT what I had in mind. My idea of special was a vague idea of being more beautiful, talented or smart. You know, something that people would notice about me. I wanted to be special in a way that made me more acceptable to people, not less. So I did not make an announcement to my friends, I did not wrap it around me like a golden cloak.

I really didn’t know how to feel about seeing energy. I had no vocabulary to explain it and had not given any thought to what it might mean.

Those were different times, and the vastness of knowledge on the subject that is now readily available through the internet did not exist. Quantum physics had already been born, but it was hardly common knowledge.

Of course, instead of going within for the answers, I looked in the library, in films and TV. Most of what I found was mis-leading and sensationalized. Of course I was hooked.

The references I found about seeing energy had to do with ghosts, bad spirits, or the Disney version of magic. Not helpful and kinda frightening. People seeing auras was the only thing remotely like my own experience. So I adopted the jargon of the newly birthed New Age Movement, despite some rather glaring differences in substantive evidence.

This began years of searching, a path that led me through several belief systems, both esoteric and religious. I discovered threads that ran through all these systems, but one stood out. This one thing explained in varying ways and with different terms, I saw over and over again.

All is One.

Now that was a bit of truth I could understand. Stripped of religious, spiritual, and mystical interpretations, it makes perfect sense to me.

All really is one because energy runs through everything. Even the densest rock has energy, and it overlaps with the energy of the earth around it, which infuses everything else on the ground and interacts with the energy of the air….see what I mean?

Energy as the building blocks for all matter is a concept that came later on, but everything being infused with energy is exactly what I see.

These days I think of it as the unifying energy, but when knowledge and experience first coalesced into “all is one”, I really did want to shout it from the rooftops. I felt as though I finally understood a basic truth.

There’s nothing like the lightening bolt of discovery to change one’s life.

My story continues through a series of blog posts, please follow this blog to receive notifications of new entries.

monument, detail, head

Detail of “Homage”

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