Fool-Proof Method for Shipping Art

A DIY how to guide for packaging and shipping art. Create a custom, inexpensive and safe parcel for your paintings or canvas artwork. Learn the steps to send your boxes by post, or ship worldwide.

My name is Laura den Hertog and I’ve have been shipping art around the world for more than a decade. When I was starting out as a professional artist I’d heard stories from other artists, who’d had boxes poked right through by postal workers. Yikes!
  So I came up with an easy, safe and cheap way to package my artwork. What was originally a blog post with pictures and a description of how to make custom shipping packaging, is now 4 free videos. It’s so much easier to learn something when you can watch someone doing it.
Wishing you every success and worry-free shipping!

Watch the 4 Videos:

Part 1 – Get your Supplies

Inexpensive and even free…keeping the costs down

Part 2 – Making a Sandwich

Creating the first layer of protection


Part 3 – The Wrap

Creating the last layer of protection

Part 4 – Specialty Packaging

How to package art that is framed, with glass, textured and several at once. Make a reusable package.

One thought on “Fool-Proof Method for Shipping Art

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