Part 1: It’s all in how you look at it…

My personal story begins with a revelation. It’s the foundation from which all my weird and wonderful experiences spring.

I see energy.

There, I’ve said it. I don’t see the coloured aura light that you may have heard of, but an energy that flows through everything.

You might think that I cultivated this ability through a spiritual practice, or that I was exposed to some weird chemical that left my brain with “special abilities”. That would be cool, but the truth is I have always seen this way. It’s innate and natural for me.

It took me 18 years to find out that most people do not see this energy. At that age I had begun to read about the supernatural, so I had heard of people who could see auras. This was billed as seeing coloured light around people. The description and accompanying illustrations made me curious about the phenomenon but looked very different from what I see. I didn’t make any connection until one day in college. My professor was droning on and on and my mind began to wander. I was amusing myself by watching his energy undulate around him. The large blackboard behind him was the perfect backdrop for this pursuit.

The thought occurred to me that maybe this is what they called an aura. Although there was no coloured glow, he was certainly all lit up. Making this connection brought up a big question in my mind. If seeing an “aura” was considered a special ability, maybe seeing energy wasn’t usual either.

I have to admit, that was a scary idea. I checked with my boyfriend who was sitting at the next drafting table (I was studying commercial art) and he pretty much looked at me like I was asking if he’d ever been to Mars. Nope, he was not seeing the energy show I was.

Fortunately, I was blessed with a very open-minded Mom, well read, intelligent and a seeker herself who was used to my “seeing stuff”. She confirmed that people, or most people anyway, don’t see energy, and wasn’t I lucky!

It might be hard to imagine that I could go that long without realizing all this, but there had never been a reason to question it. I took it for granted because I was born this way. It’s no different from assuming everyone sees the same colours I do or smells the same odours.

That day changed everything for me. I began a quest to discover what I was seeing and what it meant.

My story continues through a series of blog posts, please follow this blog to receive notifications of new entries.

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ariverunsthroughher, detail, hands

A River Runs Through Her (detail)

4 thoughts on “Part 1: It’s all in how you look at it…

  1. I can sense most energy even when not around person, but have never seen it. Does it move a particular way on the body? Is it different or similar to everyone? Have you ever walked away from someone, because it was negative energy? Can you see yours? Sorry I’m so curious but it fascinates me .


  2. Hi Janet,
    Here is my answer to all your questions (finally!!!). Let’s see (bad pun), the energy is always moving but it does not move the same way on everyone. The difference is more due to current mood, thoughts or even what activity the person is engaged in. For instance, when my sister is reading something she really enjoys, she looks like a water fountain. The energy flow upwards to about 2 feet over her head and then back down again. It’s fascinating to watch.
    Of course I walk away from people, but thats really because they just are of no interest in that moment. I get a feeling for whether or not I’ll “mesh” well with someone. On the other hand, negativity does not necssarily turn me away. If I see that someone is suffering and if I am in the right mode, I’ll approach them and touch them lightly while making a joke or saying something kind. You know…small kindnesses. The only difference when I do it is that I gift them intentionally with a bit of my own energy. However, it’s always up to them whether or not to accept it.
    Yes, I can see my energy too. It’s easiest to see my own at night in my dark bedroom.

    I think that covers it. I will be writing more blog posts about some of my adventures soon!


    1. That was nice of you to reply to such a verbose amount of questions? It’s just so fascinating . I wonder if you’ve ever thought about becoming a healer. Thank you so much Laura have a wonderful day !❤️


      1. I’m not sure I could be considered a healer, except maybe in the broadest sense of the word. I have worked to share the concept of an underlying energy through several channels. Right now I am focused on letting my art do that for me. I have had some interesting responses to the paintings and maybe one day I will write about that too!
        I truly appreciate your curiosity Janet, it can take you places you may never have imagined.


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