Part 3: A View of the World Awash in Light and Energy.

The Power of Music, oil on canvas, 24x48x1,
The Power of Music, oil on canvas, 48×24.

The general acceptance of Quantum Physics is one of the reasons I am finally comfortable sharing how I see, and merging it in my artwork. Instead of a science lesson here’s a short quote from Pam Grout:

Here’s what I’ve learned from quantum physics. Despite how it looks, we humans and everything else we lay gaze upon are, at our core, nothing but patterns of light and energy. We are entangled with all other beings on the planet, forever linked with the indivisible “Field of Potentiality” or to use Luke Skywalker’s vernacular, “The Force.”

Quote from:
Pam Grout is the author of 18 books including E-Squared: 9 Do-it-Yourself Energy Experiments that Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and the recently released, Thank and Grow Rich: a 30-day Experiment in Shameless Gratitude and Unabashed Joy.

Light and energy indeed, my heartfelt thanks to the awesomeness that is Pam Grout.

So lets talk about light and energy. For me the world is awash in it. A constantly moving, undulating, spiralling, sparkling light show.

Crazy right?

Actually, the world is so sublimely beautiful, it’s beyond words. When I incorporate the light show into my paintings, I am showing only the tiniest fraction of what actually goes on.

For instance, the most amazing thing happens when we connect. Put your bare feet on the earth and sparks fly up to greet you. Your own energy rushes towards these sparks to coalesce in an embrace of pure joy. Even if you can’t see it, you can certainly feel it. Is it any wonder we northerners yearn for spring?

It’s like a cosmic conversation. We the people are connected to each other and to everything around us. Like babies discovering the world through touch, we are always reaching out beyond the bounds of body through energy.
What we focus our attention on lights up for us and responds in kind.

You know how listening to music can instantly change your mood? At the core of this phenomenon is a play of energy that profoundly changes us, if only momentarily. The music carries it’s own message of energy, and if we allow it, we can embody it and truly dance with the energy. It is astounding to see.

The phrase “where attention goes, energy flows” is quite literally true. What will you dance with today?

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Energy Dance. 24x12, $900Energy Dance, oil on canvas, 24×12.

Part 2: Energy Speaks, and it has one thing to say.

Harmony, 8x10x1, $300

Harmony, oil on canvas, 8 x 10.

After my epiphany that not everyone sees energy, I began searching for evidence that I was not alone in this ability.

As an 18 year old, I had a deep yearning to be special, like most teenagers do. As far away from “average” as possible. This skill, however, was NOT what I had in mind. My idea of special was a vague idea of being more beautiful, talented or smart. You know, something that people would notice about me. I wanted to be special in a way that made me more acceptable to people, not less. So I did not make an announcement to my friends, I did not wrap it around me like a golden cloak.

I really didn’t know how to feel about seeing energy. I had no vocabulary to explain it and had not given any thought to what it might mean.

Those were different times, and the vastness of knowledge on the subject that is now readily available through the internet did not exist. Quantum physics had already been born, but it was hardly common knowledge.

Of course, instead of going within for the answers, I looked in the library, in films and TV. Most of what I found was mis-leading and sensationalized. Of course I was hooked.

The references I found about seeing energy had to do with ghosts, bad spirits, or the Disney version of magic. Not helpful and kinda frightening. People seeing auras was the only thing remotely like my own experience. So I adopted the jargon of the newly birthed New Age Movement, despite some rather glaring differences in substantive evidence.

This began years of searching, a path that led me through several belief systems, both esoteric and religious. I discovered threads that ran through all these systems, but one stood out. This one thing explained in varying ways and with different terms, I saw over and over again.

All is One.

Now that was a bit of truth I could understand. Stripped of religious, spiritual, and mystical interpretations, it makes perfect sense to me.

All really is one because energy runs through everything. Even the densest rock has energy, and it overlaps with the energy of the earth around it, which infuses everything else on the ground and interacts with the energy of the air….see what I mean?

Energy as the building blocks for all matter is a concept that came later on, but everything being infused with energy is exactly what I see.

These days I think of it as the unifying energy, but when knowledge and experience first coalesced into “all is one”, I really did want to shout it from the rooftops. I felt as though I finally understood a basic truth.

There’s nothing like the lightening bolt of discovery to change one’s life.

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monument, detail, head

Detail of “Homage”

Fool-Proof Method for Shipping Art

A DIY how to guide for packaging and shipping art. Create a custom, inexpensive and safe parcel for your paintings or canvas artwork. Learn the steps to send your boxes by post, or ship worldwide.

My name is Laura den Hertog and I’ve have been shipping art around the world for more than a decade. When I was starting out as a professional artist I’d heard stories from other artists, who’d had boxes poked right through by postal workers. Yikes!
  So I came up with an easy, safe and cheap way to package my artwork. What was originally a blog post with pictures and a description of how to make custom shipping packaging, is now 4 free videos. It’s so much easier to learn something when you can watch someone doing it.
Wishing you every success and worry-free shipping!

Watch the 4 Videos:

Part 1 – Get your Supplies

Inexpensive and even free…keeping the costs down

Part 2 – Making a Sandwich

Creating the first layer of protection


Part 3 – The Wrap

Creating the last layer of protection

Part 4 – Specialty Packaging

How to package art that is framed, with glass, textured and several at once. Make a reusable package.

An exhibit that elevates the purpose of art to new heights.

  Every artist dreams of becoming the next Van Gogh, Picasso or Damien Hirst, we may do it secretly, but we do it. The ultimate in attainment is a body of work that changes perception, that touches people in a grand and far reaching way. For most artists, it is the reason they create in the first place, to change the world – one creation at a a time. We artists are a powerful force in the universe.

We create art hoping to touch someone with our ideas, our images, our concepts.

  What if you were given the opportunity to raise the spirits, enliven or soothe a large group of people you could never otherwise reach? A place where you needn’t worry about sales and marketing. A place where you share your creations and let your work do what it was created to do.

  An artist friend of mine recently became the co-curator for a gallery in The Old Brewery Mission in downtown Montreal, Canada. The rotating shows are presented in the cafeteria of the men’s pavilion. These shows exist for the pleasure of the homeless. Artists lend their work for 6 weeks at a time.

The current exhibit at Galerie Carlos, in the Old Brewery Mission, Montreal, Canada.

An exhibit that elevates the purpose of art to new heights.

Sure, lots of artists struggle to make a good living through the sale of art, but it’s nothing compared to the struggle the homeless face. What could be more satisfying than adorning a space that exists solely to provide solace for displaced souls? I consider myself lucky to be able to contribute.

  After hanging all the art for the inaugural mission show, one of the men came up behind my friend and said one word. “Sublime” She was so moved, she could barely respond.

What if?

What if every community art group put together a program like this? It could be for a homeless shelter, or a government run retirement/old age home. Any place where people have a need for the restorative effect of art. A hospice, or health clinic. A little imagination will reveal lots of opportunities to uplift others. I think the artistic community yearns for a circumstance to do good, to help the world and be a healing force.

An unexpected silver lining

   In May 2017 I will have my turn to show my paintings at the mission. I could just pick from the stock of paintings I have on hand, but I am so taken with the concept of the show that I am planning to create paintings specifically for the space. What a revelation it has been to consider making art in this context. It has inspired a new approach and unlocked a whole series of creative ideas. I am deeply appreciative of this newfound zest for the making and sharing of art.

For more information on Galerie Carlos at the Old Brewery Mission:

Old Brewery Mission website

Mission FaceBook page

With special thanks to Susan Porter and Karen Hosker, the curators of Galerie Carlos.

Part 1: It’s all in how you look at it…

My personal story begins with a revelation. It’s the foundation from which all my weird and wonderful experiences spring.

I see energy.

There, I’ve said it. I don’t see the coloured aura light that you may have heard of, but an energy that flows through everything.

You might think that I cultivated this ability through a spiritual practice, or that I was exposed to some weird chemical that left my brain with “special abilities”. That would be cool, but the truth is I have always seen this way. It’s innate and natural for me.

It took me 18 years to find out that most people do not see this energy. At that age I had begun to read about the supernatural, so I had heard of people who could see auras. This was billed as seeing coloured light around people. The description and accompanying illustrations made me curious about the phenomenon but looked very different from what I see. I didn’t make any connection until one day in college. My professor was droning on and on and my mind began to wander. I was amusing myself by watching his energy undulate around him. The large blackboard behind him was the perfect backdrop for this pursuit.

The thought occurred to me that maybe this is what they called an aura. Although there was no coloured glow, he was certainly all lit up. Making this connection brought up a big question in my mind. If seeing an “aura” was considered a special ability, maybe seeing energy wasn’t usual either.

I have to admit, that was a scary idea. I checked with my boyfriend who was sitting at the next drafting table (I was studying commercial art) and he pretty much looked at me like I was asking if he’d ever been to Mars. Nope, he was not seeing the energy show I was.

Fortunately, I was blessed with a very open-minded Mom, well read, intelligent and a seeker herself who was used to my “seeing stuff”. She confirmed that people, or most people anyway, don’t see energy, and wasn’t I lucky!

It might be hard to imagine that I could go that long without realizing all this, but there had never been a reason to question it. I took it for granted because I was born this way. It’s no different from assuming everyone sees the same colours I do or smells the same odours.

That day changed everything for me. I began a quest to discover what I was seeing and what it meant.

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ariverunsthroughher, detail, hands

A River Runs Through Her (detail)